77 Resume Accomplishment Examples

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Tomas Slavinskas

Mar 22, 2022

Mar 22, 2022 • by Tomas Slavinskas

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Potential employers see past success as an indication for future performance, that's why resume accomplishment statements are the most powerful part of your resume that can boost your chances of landing a job interview.

Accomplishment statements have a few principal components.

First and foremost, you should target your accomplishments at the specific position - one resume for one job position only. That means, customizing your bullet points every time by using keywords found in a job description and rearranging the most relevant information to appear in the top.

Secondly, statements need to stress your achievements and results instead of duties or responsibilities.

How to format your accomplishments into powerful statements? Start your resume accomplishments with action verbs, use numbers to prove results (numbers provide certainty), and finally enrich these statements by using keywords found in a job description.

If you would like to go deeper into the writing techniques, we have prepared the definitive guide of how to build a resume based on targeted accomplishments. You should check it out.

This article, however, is only about the examples. Use them as an inspiration for your own accomplishments statements which would lead you to a job you want.

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