How and Where Brokerages Can Find Their Next Hire

Mar 15, 2022

Mar 15, 2022

Photo credit: Alex Slobodkin/iStockphoto

The ongoing war for talent, coupled with the Great Resignation, has forced brokerages to shift their mindset on how they find and recruit talent. 

And that includes reaching out directly to suitable candidates on social media.

Brokerages must begin to communicate their organization’s value in a way that is attractive to candidates, rather than having candidates make their case on why they are the right hire, broker executives said during a Canadian Underwriter webinar panel discussion.  

“As employers, I think we often got caught up in what value would this individual bring to the firm, which is an important conversation,” Erin Magilton, risk and broking leader, Canada at WTW said. “But I think the last couple of years have either forced, nudged or allowed us to start thinking [about] what value does this organization bring to these people? You need to be able to articulate your culture and your values.” 

“You don’t have to be starving for talent,” Adam Mitchell, CEO at Mitchell & Whale Insurance Brokers, commented. “Brokerages need to look themselves in the mirror really firmly on what are they offering, if they have a shortfall of talent and people aren’t lining up.”

Mitchell suggests the “great reshuffle” is a better term for the current recruitment shift. Thanks to many remote-work options, great talent can now find the best-fitting brokerage from anywhere in the country.  

“Three, four years ago, they didn’t have this many options,” he says. “We’ve had people join us from four or five driving hours away from the office….And now that we’ve gone out of this platform of work remotely forever, wherever you want, it’s really brought some amazing talent to our team.”

So how do you find these sources of talent?

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